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Q1. Where can I find information about the YTB Fly Free program?
A. There is an informational area on your YTB Travel web site. Just go to your personal YTB Travel web site at”. Next you Click on the Extras Tab. Then Click on the YTB Fly Free box at the bottom of the page.

This information and purchase area includes:

  1. The Destinations offered and within the Destinations a list of resorts and resort prices
  2. Savings Chart showing typical savings versus Expedia, Travelocity and other online travel sites.
  3. Travel Chart showing the minimum resort stay required for each destination
  4. Questions and Answers
  5. Terms and Conditions
  6. Buy Now purchase tab. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express accepted.

Q2. I just bought the YTB Fly Free program. How do I book a trip?
A. You will receive a confirmation email within 7 days of purchase at the email address you listed in the purchase process. The email will look like the following sample:
You have just received the most exciting and innovative vacation package available today. Please find enclosed the link which will open a new world for you as you will now be able to fly round-trip for two at no cost whenever you decide to book a minimal hotel stay at the properties listed within the programs destinations. You may choose to vacation in Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Palm Springs, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Jamaica, Paris, London, Rome & more, whenever you desire and as often as you wish! All hotels are 3 to 5 star properties and the pricing is below the published rate. So, go see the world as the airfare is on us!

Once you click on your link below, it will take you to a personalized reservation request form. You must then utilize this form whenever you choose to vacation. By completing the form with all your choices and then submitting it, here is what will take place next. One of our specialists will become your personal guide through your Two Fly Free journey, as they will itinerate your trip based on your choices and then they will contact you so as to confirm your booking and collect payment within seven days of confirmation. They will also provide you with their 800# and name so that you may call them prior to travelling, during your vacation and post trip as well. Enjoy!

All you have to do is click here (there will be a link embedded here) to begin your journey!

All you need to do now is to click on the link in the email, fill out the reservation request form (destination, resort, dates, airport etc) and submit it. Our reservation professional will contact you via phone, book your YTB fly free vacation, take payment and send you your travel documents.

Please save your confirmation email. You will need it to book your travel when you are ready.

Q3. How does this work? It seems too good to be true?
A. The YTB Fly Free Program is an exclusive product fulfilled by Thomas Cook Group. The businesses of Thomas Cook Group has a combined fleet of 97 owned and leased aircraft, over 3,000 shops and operates 46 hotels and other resort properties. Thomas Cook Group took 18.7 million customers on vacation and employed an average of 32,722 staff worldwide. Thomas Cook Group is the oldest and one of the largest travel companies in the world. Thomas Cook Group uses its hotel and airfare buying power to offer this incredible travel program D

Q4. How much does it cost to purchase the YTB Fly Free program ?
A. The cost is $300. You have 12 months of usage and it can be used more than once.

Q5. Do I pay $300 each time I use the program?
A. No. The $300 is a one-time charge and allows the buyer to go on as many trips during the 12-month period as they wish.

Q6. What is the Commission paid on this program?
A. The selling RTA earns $120 for each YTB Fly Free Program sold. There is also a $20 override to the Power Team Leader

Q7. Is there any commission overrides? When must I make final payment to LVI for my trip?
A. Yes, The Power Team Leader earns a $20 override for each sale in their power team.

Q8. What happens when the 12 months are up? Are there any renewals?
A. A month before the YTB Fly Free program expires, both the selling RTA and the individual who bought the program will receive an email explaining that the program is set to expire and will give directions on the renewal process.

Q9. Are commissions paid on renewals?
A. Yes, the same commissions are paid out on renewals. $120 to the selling RTA and a $20 override to the Power Team Leader.

Q10. After I purchase the YTB Fly Free program, how much does it cost to take a trip?
A. It depends on which of the 20 plus destinations you chose. Here is an example:
Trip for two people to Orlando
7 nights in Orlando at the Courtyard by Marriott – Lake Buena Vista - $139 *7 nights = $973
2 Free Airline tickets - $0
Total of $973 plus normal taxes and fees on the hotel and airfare.

Please refer to question Q1 for information on destinations and resort rates.

Q11. Does the RTA earn commissions on the booked travel?
A. No, the RTA earns commission on the $300 program sale. The hotel and air rates are so low there is no commission paid on the booked travel.

Q12. After I purchase the YTB Fly Free Program, when does the Credit Card get charged?
A. The Credit Card gets charged immediately. YTB is the merchant, so you will see YTB on your billing statement.

Q13. When I click on the YTB Fly Free box it appears I leave the YTB travel site and go somewhere else?
A. You are still on the YTB site and servers. The entire YTB Fly Free program site is operated by YTB and the credit card processing is all done by YTB.

Q14. Who can I sell the YTB Fly Free program to?
A. The YTB Fly Free program is a retail product that can be sold to virtually anyone. The product can be purchased by any individual inside or outside the network.

Q15. Can I sell the Two Fly Free program to companies, associations and groups?
A. Yes. First, you must be clear and disclose that the YTB Fly Free program is for individual leisure travel and not group travel. Then you must coordinate the purchase of the programs on your web site

Q16. Can the YTB Fly Free program be used for group travel?
A. No, this program is for individual leisure travel and group travel will not be allowed.

Q17. What airports can I fly from?
A. The YTB Fly Free program uses all major airports. Only some small commuter airports are not valid.

Q18. Does the RTA book the travel?
A. No, Thomas Cook Group books the travel and sends the documents to the traveler. Please refer to question Q2 for review of the travel booking process

Q19. Where do I buy the YTB Fly Free program?
A. The YTB Fly Free program is sold exclusively by YTB RTA’s. You must go to a YTB RTA travel web site to purchase the YTB Fly Free program. Please refer to question Q1 for instructions.

Q20. Is there a minimum number of nights required?
A. Yes, your vacation program requires a minimum 7-10 night stay depending upon destination. Arrangements must be purchased through Lifestyle Vacation Incentives, LLC (part of the Thomas Cook Group).

Q21. Exactly what am I purchasing?
A. You are buying a 1 year program which entitles you to (2) round trip airline tickets FREE with the purchase of a 7-10 night stay at participating hotels/resorts. Please refer to question Q1 for detailed information.

Q22. Can I purchase more than one vacation package?
A. Yes, as long as it is within the 12-month period.

Q23. Which airlines are used for the YTB Fly Free program?
A. YTB Fly Free program uses most of the major scheduled airlines and never uses charter flights.

Q24. Since I am entitled to 2 tickets, must my traveling companion leave from the same airport?
A. Yes, both travelers must have identical itineraries (leave/return from the same airport on the same flight and stay at the same property).

Q25. For how long is the YTB Fly Free program valid?
A. Program is valid for 1 year from your date of purchase.

Q26. When will I hear from the reservation professional once they have received my Reservation Request form?
A. Allow 7-10 business days so your agent can work with the hotels and dates you've requested before calling you.

Q27. When must I make final payment to Lifestyle Vacation Incentives, LLC (part of the Thomas Cook Group) for my trip?
A. Once you and the LVI agent have verbally agreed upon and confirmed your arrangements via telephone, you have 7 days to remit the payment due to cover your hotel and tax charges. Final payment may be made with a bank check, certified check, money order, or a major credit card

Q28. Must I attend any type of sales or timeshare solicitation at my destination?
A. Definitely not! Just relax and enjoy your holiday

Q29. May I make any changes to my reservations?
A. Once travel documents have been ordered, issued, or printed, no changes of any kind are permitted. Airline tickets are non-refundable, non-endorsable and non-changeable. We recommend the purchase of travel insurance in case of emergency cancellation.

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